Arick Shao 邵崇哲

Other Interests

This section is for my other interests and hobbies outside of mathematics.

Musical Stuff

I enjoy all kinds of music, and while I'm nowhere remotely close to professional, I like making music in various ways. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano/keyboard and singing, as well as arranging and composing music.

  • I played classical piano when I was young until the end of high school, but I then had an regrettably long 12-year hiatus after that. I then started playing informally again, though usually popular and jazz tunes more than classical music.
  • Currently, I am a tenor in the Imperial College Choir.
  • Often, I arrange and play solo and ensemble covers of a wide variety of music: popular tunes, folk songs, jazz pieces, etc. Sharing them is an issue, though, with copyright laws and all :(.
  • I have also done some music compositions in the past. Long, long ago, I enjoyed sequencing MIDI files.
  • I often geek around with Lilypond, a music engraving program that converts plain text scripts into printable sheet music.
  • From elementary through high school, I played the trumpet/cornet in school concert bands and orchestras.

Computing Stuff

I have interest and some background in computer geeking and coding, beginning with a childhood dream of making videogames to a computer science degree at university.

  • I tinker a bit with (Debian) Linux on my computers.
  • Over the years, I've programmed in various languages, from QBasic in the early days to C++, Java, and Python.
  • This webpage was coded using HTML, CSS, PHP, and a bit of JavaScript.
  • Since being a mathematician involves an extensive amount of mathematical writing, I do a substantial amount of typesetting via LaTeX.

Other Stuff

Below are some additional interests and hobbies that I dabble in:

  • I enjoy various sports-related things: running, working out, basketball, ultimate frisbee. I am also a long-time San Antonio Spurs fan.
  • Having grown up in small town Oklahoma, I mostly missed out on reading and writing Chinese beyond the first grade level. Thus, this has been a continuing effort.

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