Mini-Workshop on Wave Equations

28-29 January, 2020

Queen Mary University of London

This mini-workshop is dedicated to communicating recent progress in the mathematical study of wave equations, and hyperbolic PDEs more generally. One particular aim is to highlight the diversity of directions and results in this field. In addition, a portion of the workshop is focused on the unique continuation theory for wave equations and its applications.

The mini-workshop will be held over two days (Tuesday, 28 January and Wednesday, 29 January), on the Mile End Campus of Queen Mary University of London.


  • Ali Feizmohammadi (University College London)
  • Anne Franzen (Técnico Lisboa)
  • Dejan Gajic (University of Cambridge)
  • Claudia Garetto (Loughborough University)
  • Gustav Holzegel (Imperial College London)
  • Camille Laurent (Sorbonne Université)
  • Matthieu Léautaud (Université Paris-Sud)
  • Oliver Lindblad Petersen (Universität Hamburg)
  • Bruno Vergara (Universität Zürich)

Registration and Funding

If you are interested in participating in the mini-workshop, then please do register for the event.

There will be some funding for travel and/or accommodations available for junior (PhD students, postdocs) participants travelling from outside London. If you are interested in funding support, then please indicate this on the registration form.

Special Thanks To...

  • EPSRC: for funding the mini-workshop.
  • QMUL, School of Physics and Astronomy: for providing the workshop venue.
  • Paul Dudley, Elisa Picarro, Andrea Young: for their extensive work in setting up the workshop, and in ensuring that it ran smoothly.
  • QMUL Catering: for providing food and refreshments.
  • Vaibhav Jena, Alex McGill: for helping manage the workshop.
  • Juan Valiente Kroon, Shabnam Beheshti: for advice in planning the mini-workshop.